Quality is very important to us. Dr Swerts has been member of the NVCG since 2008, and has been certified since 2013. At present there are about 60 doctors in the Netherlands who are certified member of the NVCG. See http://www.nvcg.nl/gecertificeerde-artsen/

The cosmetic doctors certified by the NVCG are demonstrably skilled in performing medical cosmetic treatments. They fulfil the visitation-registration requirements set by the NVCG. The cosmetic physicians certified by the NVCG differ notably from other medical specialists by their specialization in treatments with injectables. Certified cosmetic doctors treat at least 600 clients per year and attend at least 40 hours of training in medical cosmetic field per year. They work according to protocols and meet all the requirements of the profession of cosmetic doctors. Within the NVCG, Dr Swerts is an active member of the review and registration committee, the PRC. Dr Swerts is also a member of the Dutch Society for Cosmetic Surgery, NVVCC. This association also aims to ensure the quality of surgical procedures. This association will soon start with their own professional external review and certification process.